strawberries with sour cream and brown sugar origin

Rather than topping the berries, you can set the sour cream and sugar in serving dishes and let people top their own. To serve, have people dip a berry in sour cream and then in brown sugar, and eat immediately! Brandy . If you do have large berries, I sometimes leave the stems on, and either cut them in half or quarters. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. I’ve never done this as a fruit dip, but every time we make crepes we make “brown sugar sauce” out of sour cream and brown sugar, so I imagine the taste is the same. I was AMAZED at how good this was and I think you will be too. We would snack on them in the break room on the weekends. Absolutely delicious !! I have a huge carton of plain yogurt in my fridge and it’s asking for strawberries now! Passing on to the young and old, beginner or experienced the joy of eating real food and sharing it with family and friends. MyRecipes has 70,000+ tested recipes and videos to help you be a better cook. Make sure you got everything covered. Let strawberries drain. Thanks for the suggestion. Stay safe! TIP: If you skewer them, do it on an angle as strawberries can be a little hollow in the middle and the skewer will not have a firm hold if it is floating on the inside. Consult a professional for the best information. Mmmm…. Or was it Sonoma? . Did they enjoy the berries that way? Oooo, going to have to give the grapes a try–great tip! Open up a fresh bag of brown sugar, as opposed to grabbing the rolled up bag in the ziplock from your pantry. Thank you! We were well versed in “strawberries and cream,” as a result of my grandparents’ Danish birthplace. Dip your strawberry in the sour cream then dip it on the brown sugar. Top with sour cream and brown sugar (see note). This isn’t like chocolate-covered strawberries where you dip them all ahead of time and serve them on a platter. Dip your strawberry in the sour cream then dip it on the brown sugar. Dip your strawberry into the sour cream first and then into the brown sugar. Recipe by Milla. It was one of those times where I wonder if I’m old. Rich and creamy, tart and sweet, the flavors in Strawberries with Sour Cream and Brown Sugar blend perfectly. Lily and Greg devoured it, and Jasper absolutely did not like it. Blending a rich creaminess with tart and sweet flavors, Strawberries with Sour Cream and Brown Sugar is perfect for breakfast or dessert. So nice to hear from you! It's good for calorie counters who don't want to sacrifice flavor. The problem with large berries is that you will 100% want/need to double dip. Repeat the dipping process and enjoy! I served strawberries in this combination as ice cream, yours is fastet. Every once and a while something comes up that I assume everyone make and eats, but then you mention it (or serve it) to someone and you get a “What the whaaaa? dinner recipes. Well, anyway, the dessert was fresh raspberries with a brown sugar-sour cream topping and it has been a go-to ever since. Fresh Strawberries, Stems attached Place some sour cream in a small bowl, place some brown sugar in a separate small bowl. ★☆. My cousins in California introduced me to this deliciousness years ago, and I thought it was SO strange that i almost didn’t try it. ★☆ I didn’t realize that not everyone knew what muddy buddies (we called it puppy chow growing up!) I need to give your method a try too. My kids call it healthy Carmel. and some remnants of bread. 1 lb. . i like grapes this way too. And perfect. Learn how to make Strawberries with Brown Sugar-and-Sour Cream Dip. I can’t wait to try as written to compare!! I also put out some cheeses that I’d had shipped from LaClare Family Creamery (did you know artisan cheesemakers are hurting now?) I hope this little treat brings you some sweet, simple springtime memories with your own family. So here it is. This is the first year I made the brown sugar and sour cream sauce for my kids and Greg, and I’d forgotten how simple, yet perfect a sauce it is for sweet, and a little bit tart fresh-from-the-garden summer strawberries. Tag @sara_ourbestbites on Instagram and hashtag it #ourbestbites. 4 Tbsp. Sign up for our newsletter and get (Opens a new window) YUM! It’s richer and creamier, and adheres to the berries better. brown sugar (I suggest a fresh bag) Now my husband thinks I’m crazy when I do it. Strawberries with sour cream and brown sugar is one of those things! Strawberries with Sour Cream and Brown Sugar. When I was young, my friend treated me to dinner (okay, her father paid) at the Silverado Country Club in Napa. This is one of my favorite things to eat! Strawberries With Sour Cream and Brown Sugar. Do ya think yogurt would be an ok substitute for the sour cream in this case? My berries here in these photos are huge- do as I say not as I do. I can’t remember the last time I bought Cool Whip, but I just picked one up this past weekend to freeze in case of whip cream emergencies. Strawberries with sour cream and brown sugar is a second-generation dessert close to my heart. Fresh brown sugar is so much softer. It’s oh so good!!! This looks amazing! Sweet, juicy berries taste the best, obviously, but you can make even sour or tasteless berries (that no one will eat but you feel guilty tossing) sooo much better by dipping them. I had a lovely older nurse that I worked with at the hospital in Labor and Delivery and she would bring this in the summer. When I saw it on the table, I thought it sounded awful, but Mom convinced me to try it. It doesn’t get old and always has a nice crunch that makes it more of a delicacy. Your email address will not be published. I used this as inspiration today and prepared with Siggi’s Vanilla yogurt & old brown sugar (it was all I had). The sweet and grainy brown sugar combines with the creamy and tangy sour cream and that juicy berry and it’s pure magic. I also thought EVERYONE ate them like this.. but NO! I am keeping sour cream around the house now “just in case” . I have such fond memories of dipping away with my sisters and treasured moments of my girls with strawberry juice on their chins sneaking in a double dip. I love strawberries !! Option: set out toppings and let guests help themselves. Learn how your comment data is processed. Totally trying this the next time we have berries in the house! This didn’t help. She was German. Required fields are marked *, Strawberries with Sour Cream and Brown Sugar. It’s also the perfect thing to pull out for a Mother’s Day spread. I just used what I had on hand so I ignored your recommendations and used light sour cream and my brown sugar was down to the last remnants of the bag, but it was great. ★☆ One did, the other preferred them plain, though she’s big on Strawberries and cream. ?”  and you realize a huge portion of the population is missing out on something amazing. It looks and sounds great! No cream, no half and half, no problem. Even though this is pretty simple, I’ve got lots of tips! But the only other option was plain. The sour creams blends well with the sugar, making the whole thing taste like strawberries with whipped cream. “We’re out of cream” I explained. this is one of the most simple but satisfying treats ever created! So what exactly am I talking about?? Sour Cream: I use whole milk sour cream. Take the ripest strawberries you can find, dip them in sour cream and roll them in brown sugar. We have done this for years . I keep boxed cream for emergencies and like you I am not just running to the shops each time we need something. I’m so glad you shared this, I can’t wait to try it! It’s exactly as it sounds; fresh juicy strawberries dipped in sour cream, and then in brown sugar. I didn't believe this would be good either until I tried it. 1 dozen fresh strawberries; 1 cup of brown sugar; 1 cup of sour cream or plain greek yougurt; Method. Nutrition data accuracy may vary with product selection, calculator accuracy, etc. The kids love this version. Required fields are marked *, Rate this recipe Place your brown sugar and sour cream in individual bowls. Siggi’s is low in sugar & very thick. 7 exclusive For me it’s a nostalgic experience, bringing back memories of warm summer nights and fresh berries from the garden. I fall into the camp that’s never even heard of or tried this…and we are a strawberry loving family! Any way you slice it, this is one of the best things you can do with those summer strawberries! Have a nice day tomorrow Inger! The finer granuals will melt into the sour cream better and feel better in your mouth. Make sure you got everything covered. The brown sugar will start to melt into the sour cream soon after dipping so don’t delay. dinner recipes (Opens a new window), Sign up for our newsletterand we'll send you Count me in! Of course, my mother didn’t introduce this delightful combo to her kids either. When I want to fancy them up, I either drizzle w/ sweetened condensed milk or make the recipe below: Strawberries Romanov. Then just pop it in your mouth. ★☆ My dad has his strawberries with black pepper and I love the savoury note it adds. YES! Rich and creamy, tart and sweet, the flavors in Strawberries with Sour Cream and Brown Sugar blend perfectly. I think that is such a great idea – and I would try the combination.

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