laser cutting aluminum problems

Privacy Statement and Why Should You Buy a Fiber Laser Marking Machine for Your Business? This technology operates using fiber optic cables rather than mirrors and delicate lenses. Some of these advantages include high-speed and local processing, precision of operation, low cutting waste, and net shaping. The average diameter of the blasting perforation is half of the thickness of the plate. | Privacy Policy. Two additional issues with laser cutting aluminum are optical reflectivity (aluminum is shiny) and thermal conductivity (the metal dissipates the heat the laser is trying to generate.). Using gases in conjunction with cutting operations is fairly common. Based in Indianapolis, Indiana, IMH Products aims to set the standard for modern manufacturing partnerships by persistently increasing efficiency and investing in innovative equipment and processes. Generally speaking, the addition of alloying elements to the metal, particularly aluminum, reduces the reflectivity of the material. Some other materials, for example brass, may also require the back reflection protection system so it is also advisable to check with the supplier before processing any new material. For example, laser cutters do not make direct contact with material, rely on high-energy power sources, have tighter cutting tolerances, and are generally automated to maximize precision. The gas pressure is lower than the oxygen pressure at the time of cutting. All Rights Reserved. wear of nozzle in the laser head, replace it in time. If normal, check whether the output value of the laser control button is correct and adjust it accordingly. Fax:+83-531-81180745 Company. This means that should the laser beam be reflected by the flat sheet it can be transmitted back through the beam delivery optics, and into the laser itself, potentially causing significant damage. the thread at the joint between the nozzle and the laser head is loose. Laser technology has several unique attributes that affect the quality of its cuts. A laser device fires a concentrated stream of photons onto a precise area of the workpiece in order to trim excess material and shape the workpiece into a specific design. We are constantly rearranging, adjusting and adapting to be as streamlined as possible. Another problem is that aluminum will etch in both acids and bases. Although fireplaces are recognizable features of living rooms, they’re only one part of those rooms! This failsafe system detects if too much radiation is being reflected back through the optics and automatically stops the laser before severe damage can be caused. When cutting thicker materials, cutting speed slows, and cut quality lessens. ... All metallic materials and alloys are highly reflective to light waves: this feature is the main problem that needs to be addressed during a laser cut aluminum operation. In general, the thicker the steel sheet, the more power required to cut it, and the optimum cutting rate is largely determined by the ratio of thickness to the strength of the laser’s beam. I do not know anything about laser cutters that is why I … In photo etching, dimensional tolerances are +/-15% of material thickness. This reflection does not come entirely from the sheet surface, but is caused by the formation of a molten pool which can be highly reflective. Can Your Company Help Provide Critical Supplies? There are a whole host of materials that a CO2 laser cutter can cut, etch or mark – but some – due to the material surface reflection – just won’t work (aluminum is an example). The etching challenge with aluminum is that is it a very active and reactive metal. If you have any questions, welcome to contact us for further discussion. One of the lightest metals, aluminum, is one of the more challenging alloys to to process. Hope those solutions will help you solve your problems in metal laser cutting. Thomas Regional® are part of Hopefully, when dealing with the challenges of laser cutting aluminum and other reflective metals, you can make use of these potential solutions to facilitate the process. In addition, since the oxygen pressure used for the perforation is the same as that at the time of cutting, the splash is large. Each pulsed laser produces only a few small particles, which gradually goes deeper, so thick metal sheet perforation usually takes a few seconds. Thomasnet Is A Registered Trademark Of Thomas Publishing This kind of modification uses the laser to preheat the steel while the oxygen catalyzes an exothermic reaction to assist in the cutting. Our behind the scenes facilities and operations a testament to this. California Do Not Track Notice. The biggest problem with laser and plasma cutting is heat.,, Laser Cutting Steel/Laser Cutting Aluminum Problems - Elena, Copyright© 2016 Jinan Xintian Technology Co., LTD. | All Rights Reserved | Powered by, Working environment of laser cutting machine-Flora, Laser Cutting Steel/Laser Cutting Aluminum Problems – Elena. Likewise, laser cutting head specifications are continually being revised and adjusted to improve the quality of laser piercing and the cleanness of laser cuts. . Although metal cutting operations traditionally employ mechanical or manual processes, laser cutting can be a viable, effective, and cost-efficient option for metal fabrication. Image credit: Guryanov Andrey/Shutterstock. Because of this, cutting aluminum can be extremely challenging. Analysis of the burr on the workpiece when cutting stainless steel and aluminum zinc plate with the laser cutter. Without this system there are risks with processing aluminium as there is no way of detecting if potentially hazardous reflections are occurring.

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