guava tree flowers but no fruit

However what you will need to be careful of is any spring frosts that could damage the flowers. I've never seen fruit on any of the trees. I would very much like to have fruit bearing trees along with some of my garden vegetables. The key is to only cut out what are known as the 3Ds – diseased, dying and dead wood – plus any crossing branches or branches that point inwards. ", "Hi Frank. En savoir plus. Armed with information (as a new Master Gardener), treated them with Bt. Kathy Huber has worked for the Houston Chronicle since May 1981. More vigorous rootstocks, which produce a larger tree at maturity, can take a little longer to get going. I will try the paint brush method tomorrow. If all looks good, I'd first try mulching it with compost a few inches thick (but don't let it touch the trunk) and see if that helps it to put on some growth. One of my Pineapple guava fruits a lot, the other doesn't. It is a pleasure to share with the locals that citrus has varieties and for those who are very unfamiliar a band-aid after they encounter a spike. Cardinal/Christmas/Thai basil. It sounds like they just needed a rest to recuperate after major surgery! Wait, there's a private jet from Dallas to Houston for $99? The oldest tree was planted 4 years ago and most of them have a very thin base. Just my opinion. I only recently found out that it was a strawberry guava tree. Seriously one of the loveliest plants. Does the tree have enough light, or are the roots too wet or too dry? Don't spew your venom for the rest of us to read - that really is a waste of my time. And good for pollinators. I think those with questions should start their own threads. Please help as I love the fruit!! Some great ones include: Blueberries. Any help would be greatly appreciated!! Good for pollinators, and looks LOVELY spilling over the front of a border. Opinion: Can I tell neighbors it’s time to take down Trump signs? I'm pretty sure is strawberry guava, the blossoms look the same. ", (If you have difficulty using this form, please use our. You can cloak the soil surface around your trees with compost or manure at any time, but the best time to do this is in spring or autumn. This plant is considered a flowering shrub in very warm or hot climates, they do not fruit reliably or at all in those places. Both, depending on the fruit and its condition. ", "Sheila, your tree could be blooming again in response to stress or if it has experienced unusual weather conditions that have confused it into thinking it's been through winter again. This is not unusual. They'll need another pear tree flowering at the same time in order to set fruit successfully. I don't know what to do it is frustrating. Peaches are often grown against a sun-facing wall to benefit from radiated heat and reduce problems with the blossoms being frosted, and it also makes it easier to rig up covers for additional protection. Avoid pesticides harmful to these insects. ", "Hi Helen. Thank you. Sunflowers. Please advice", "I have three Bramley apple trees that have always been productive and were never pruned until last year when many low hanging branches were cut off each tree in order to create a globe shape. I hope that helps! If you’re able to provide screening – for instance by planting a hedge – then this is worth trying. Many people get frustrated when the fruit trees they plant in their gardens seem to take forever to bear fruit. Guava does best in sun and a well-draining soil. Quick-release fertilizer can result in weak, soft growth that is produced at the expense of flowers and fruits, and that can prove attractive to opportunistic pests. They'll appreciate a mulch of compost to help them regain their strength. Even in ideal conditions, it’s normal to wait two to four years after planting for your trees to begin producing fruits. I'm in will get into the 90's and 100's over summer...with only a few freezing Winter nights...thanks, Sandy. Water deeply when the tree is flowering and fruiting. The Granny Smith is substantially larger now. Tropical has a lovely aroma that reaches across your garden. It sounds like your Elberta is stressed - is it getting enough water? I have never pruned but do fertilize and water. It flowered for the first time last year, but it has never produced fruit. In the meantime, mulching with organic matter such as compost would be the best way to give them fertiliser - it will release nutrients slowly for strong, steady growth, and help to improve the soil at the same time. Should we cut this off please. Are you growing two different varieties of sweet cherry, and if so, are they grafted onto different classes of rootstock? Only difference is fruit. Grass and weeds will compete with your trees for water and nutrients, so keep them clear of the trunk for the first few years after planting to give your trees time to properly settle. ", "Hi Sande. I'd simply treat it to a mulch of rich organic matter such as compost, make sure the soil isn't too wet or too dry, and enjoy the show. ", "Hi, If your trees are too big to net, Barbara Pleasant has some great ideas for deterring birds from bothering your plants. Thank you. Since you mention that the Granny Smith is the larger of the two, I'm wondering if your trees are grafted onto different types of rootstock? The aim is to encourage the tree to grow into an open structure that allows air and light to reach all parts of the plant. She's been a frequent speaker at various garden events. More tall, pretty, good for pollinators.

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