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ePub, mobi, Interactive PDF, Audio. ����_�s�ν*��r�^���{m�4�f�o�6B�u�/ �*�?���{s�Hi�C�P���O�ڹ��6e;=��� ���(�+m��4�z �*a����kY��w��d �J���5e}� `5Ph6�J��}� `5�pq�`. {�D��J�Yւ1|%�`�k,v�tu�G�6�{"�@�BX:�� This is lived out in the hard, but joyful, work of encountering those who are different than ourselves. ENCYCLICAL LETTER ~~ FRATELLI TUTTI Chapter One DARK CLOUDS OVER A CLOSED WORLD The end of historical consciousness 13. %���� O n t h e c o nt rar y, t h e Po pe s e ts ou t to address the concrete problem s that this wor ld p o s e s to t he ver y h ea r t o f t he C h r istian faith: the transcendence of universal love that Political love is practiced in sacrifice for those in greatest need, but in accord with subsidiarity so that it does not become “a soulless pragmatism” (187). He recognizes that true peace must be based on truth, along with justice and mercy. endobj For this we can call on the Holy Spirit for the gift of kindness. This does not mean that whole societies can be reconciled and forget past sins; rather, “reconciliation is a personal act” and human evils like the Shoah and the atomic bombings must be remembered as symbols of the depths of human evil (246-247). Populism distorts the notion of a “people” in a closed and exclusionary way. “In everything, do to others as you would have them do to you; for this is the law and the prophets” (Mt 7:12). x���Kl絨[�"e��ҋ�(�t�!�RKLl���4ղ�i*�"F;��C��w3�|�p��t/�-�� 6l��[�@ذr�p20�a8��'2�(���Hw���?VU7������Q]]]U]��W��_�� �����> �#�����'O�ܾ}��� P3��*��ݓ5�>) �j ��"k�] X�E� �5��۷#E� �U���׋���T5 Xu���.)��. 53 0 obj <> 54 0 obj Fratelli Tutti 1 . 57 0 obj ?��Lv����� �z=z��R�ݻ'���>|���=�w}a `u3::Z��*'��#��U��ї V1�u���]������t�{�s�N�/ �Vr�\�:ZW��� �rٸq��޻wo������� ������E���u?~��� ����)uu�'�P ���U��Ǐ�wѓG�"k���V��G�����+ � Chapter 4 – A Heart Open to the Whole World. The process of peacemaking is on-going and requires work, especially a care for the most vulnerable in society. endobj In economic terms, human dignity also entails the right to “sufficient opportunities for his or her integral development” (118). Joy and Happiness is our Secret and you cannot fake it!!! An authentic human fraternity must be based on a recognition of the inherent dignity of all persons, especially those who are vulnerable, poor, or suffering. Adobe PDF format, Kindle format, Pope Francis, ePub format, mp3 audio file. The Holy Father sees in the parable a reminder that the natural love we experience for family members should be consciously extended to those who are strangers to us. THE CONTEXT 60. Opening of a New project for street boys in Ibadan, Fire outbreak in don bosco secondary school Onitsha. Thus, politics should focus on the long-term common good. Next, Laudato Si’ (Praised Be) examines repairing the planet. Dialogue is a middle path between “selfish indifference” and “violent protest” (198). The Roman Pontiff calls for greater collaboration among religions “for the common good and the promotion of the poor” (282). 56 0 obj 2 0 obj I s t h e Po pe pro p os i n g t o build an im m anentist inter-religion that eliminates t h e speci fi ci t y o f fa i th ? << /Dests 109 0 R /Pages 108 0 R /Type /Catalog >> << /Type /XRef /Length 79 /Filter /FlateDecode /DecodeParms << /Columns 5 /Predictor 12 >> /W [ 1 3 1 ] /Index [ 52 74 ] /Info 67 0 R /Root 54 0 R /Size 126 /Prev 258346 /ID [] >> ENCYCLICAL LETTER ~~ FRATELLI TUTTI Chapter Two A STRANGER ON THE ROAD The Good Samaritan Parable told by Jesus Luke 10:25-37 Pope Francis gives his homily on the parable. %���� In the political sphere, Pope Francis discusses two movements that hinder our ability to see the world as open and having a place for all people: populism and liberalism. x�c```b``Id`a`�ta`�0����d�� ��wHIɽa`�n��-;O��:I��܊�/E�K�R���dO�>�r���3��8���!Hh����i ֍�v��&Lݸ�FYU����՜������1?49�����*����bP��Ao�^ ��6�< � �� �1�3�3�zV>�]���ة3�XvyL�u��� �ǰJ� In the first chapter, Pope Francis outlines some trends in the world today that he finds running counter to seeing each other as brothers and sisters: the loss of a historical consciousness, the throwaway culture, the stalled expansion of human rights, fear of immigrants, and the superficiality of digital connection that can lead to aggression and polarization. Citing St. John Paul II, Pope Francis imagines a nobler politics that puts social love at the forefront rather than economics. In previous eras each of these institutions was permitted by certain justifications, but because of the changed circumstances of our times, those justifications are no longer valid. Society is built on authentic dialogue, which involves respecting the other’s viewpoint, but not in a relativistic fashion. Unity is often best achieved when people work together to address the problems they share. The pope recognizes a tension between globalization and localization, but sees a way of healthily living rooted in one’s own culture while striving for the common good of the whole of humanity. Now, Fratelli Tutti … << /Linearized 1 /L 258926 /H [ 1121 298 ] /O 56 /E 68831 /N 21 /T 258345 >> ''With the encyclical "Fratelli tutti", Pope Francis presents a significant text that is highly topical in many issues of our day and comes at exactly the right time to help shape the debates. Fratelli Tutti – Enyclical Letter of Pope Francis Encyclical Letter Fratelli Tutti of the Holy Father FRANCIS on the Fraternity and Social Friendship. 55 0 obj stream <> 5 `�ؗ���^�����#ǒ ������k����4�|�ݜj�o �u��缿���C�F�r X���n�� q��_7�� ������]���� `�rz����c��F_ X� ��\o���`� Ԑ�tæ���_4�r ���T���7�� ������žg���� As with Laudato Si’, the title is an Italian quotation of the pope’s saintly namesake, translated as “brothers and sisters all.” The 287-paragraph document is a brisk walking-tour of Pope Francis’s social teaching and well worth a read. endobj from In Fratelli Tutti, Pope Francis offers a prophetic vision when he says healing the world from COVID-19 is an opportunity to build something better, a “civilization of love” (FT 183). It starts with a consideration of what is holding humanity back from the development of universal fraternity and moves to an expression of hope that peace and unity will be achieved through dialogue among peoples of faith. Moreover, religious formation fortifies human consciences against the individualism and materialism that underlie the divisions and polarizations in our world. Love both draws us out of ourselves and draws the ones we love into ourselves. On the feast of St. Francis of Assisi, the Holy Father, Pope Francis, released the third encyclical letter of his papacy entitled Fratelli Tutti, on fraternity and social friendship. << /Filter /FlateDecode /S 246 /Length 218 >> Furthermore, rather than seeing migration as cause for fear or turmoil, we ought to welcome the fruitful exchange that migrants bring to a community and the opportunities for caring for strangers. stream Don Bosco and the youth of Nigeria animated by Salesian reverend Brothers and Fathers and Cooperators with the young people of the SALESIAN FAMILY, from, from Z�b/:ń�d2/�1� :��ľ��z1|&:1iT��D�pJ�c�?xJ� !3��Rc~�Lnq�|�s��A�I@��A��e2��f,K�� ��x:x��V��?l��[E����&am6����D� �(�nV��^۴Y�\X?m,0�� ��=`������͎�'e��f�w����Ғ�� �X&��$���o;�Snr�6��_�U߆ũh��H�9��SQ �$�y��s�(���҇���hl���ͺ ��=2��7C���P��;d/O�P����;�Df�(���\�,۫A�Ӆ@��|!���ܭP!@Fm���c�X��@8��_7F�%��e'�1Jk�WԥؓB�?

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